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Friday, September 30, 2011

Iron Maiden: "On Board Flight 666"; Photo Book Out October 20th; Pre-View Available

John McMurtrie's hardback glossy photo documentary «On Board Flight 666» will be published by Orion Books on October 20th. Thousands of Maiden fans took advantage of the sneak peek offered at John's exclusive preview of specially selected shots at the BME in The O2 last month, which hopefully whetted the appetite to discover more about this extensive pictorial odyssey of Maiden's last two ground-breaking World Tours!

The book is now being printed and will be published initially in the UK and is a great reminder and keepsake of the journey that the whole Maiden family - band, fans, Killer Krew and John - have been on together since Ed Force One initially soared into the skies back in Jan 2008 at the start of the Somewhere Back In Time Tour.

The lavishly illustrated «On Board Flight 666» is the first and only book to closely document all those intimate and behind-the-scenes moments, both on and off stage, in over 600 photos, many with explanatory text.  In fact, John's access-all-areas coverage of the band is so all-encompassing that even Bruce admits in his foreword that  "...if it's not in here, it probably never happened!".  

Click here to download an 18 page preview of this book.

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