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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Aerosmith: Brand New Studio Video Footage (3 Clips)

Aerosmith entered guitarist Joe Perry's home studio (The Boneyard) in suburban Boston on July 5th with producer Jack Douglas to begin recording its long-awaited 14th studio album. The CD will be Aerosmith's first set of original material since 2001's "Just Push Play" and first studio offering since 2004's covers CD, "Honkin' On Bobo".

A short video clip of Perry and Douglas at The Boneyard can be seen below.

In a videotaped message that was released via Aerosmith's official web site, bassist Tom Hamilton stated about re-teaming with Douglas, "For those of you who don't know who Jack is, he's the guy who we worked with, producing our best albums of the '70s - 'Get Your Wings', 'Toys In The Attic' and 'Rocks'. And it's really gonna be cool, because there's no one that knows more about the soul of this band and the creative part of this band (than) Jack. We worked with him on (2004's covers CD) 'Honkin' On Bobo', but that wasn't all original material - most of that was not original material. This time it's gonna be all-new Aerosmith songs."

He continued, "When people say, 'What was it like to work with Jack back then?' all I can say is we just laughed the whole time; there was always laughter going on, and fun, but at the same time really digging deep to get performances that were even better than we thought we could do."

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  1. WOW! A new Aerosmith record produced by Jack Douglas really gets me going!

    If the gyus can deliver the riffs, I´m sure Douglas will put it together nicely.