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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scorpions: "A Savage Crazy World"; Complete 55 Min Concert

Scorpions live in Berlin 1991 - "A Crazy Savage World", the complete concert!  Truly one of the best rock bands one can enjoy as much live as their recorded music.

Scorpions' 1991 "Crazy World" Tour, documenting their return home to Germany and a shock-wave to the great city of Berlin. Includes performances of "Hit Betwen the Eyes," "I Can't Explain," "Crazy World," "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and many more!

The performance is top notch, classic Scorpions. The video and audio are superb.

01 • Bad Boys Running Wild
02 • Hit Between The Eyes
03 • I Can´t Explain
04 • The Zoo
05 • Rhythm of Love
06 • Crazy World
07 • Can´t Live Without You
08 • Blackout
09 • Dynamite
10 • Lust or Love
11 • Big City Nights
12 • Rock You Like A Hurricane

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