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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rainbow: Japan Tour 1984; 104 Min Concert

An essential metal DVD for every Rainbow maniac! This is the legendary show recorded live at Budokan, Tokyo (Japan) on March 14th, 1984. It would be the last Rainbow concert featuring Joe Lynn Turner, Judas Priest and Rory Gallagher producer Roger Glover on bass, drummer Chuck Bürgi and the virtuoso keyboardist David Rosenthal on its line up. After that, as we all know, Blackmore and Glover returned to Deep Purple, but that’s another story…

In this film you have the chance to enjoy live versions of the sometimes forgot classics “Fool For The Night”, “Stranded” and “Fire Dance”, form the underrated metal masterpiece “Bent Out Of Shape”. There are a lot of jams, improvisations and awesome solos. I specially highlight Bürgi and Rosenthal ones, which demonstrate that they’re as good players as Powell and Airey, respectively.

The killer “Death Alley Driver”, “Spotlight Kid” and the legendary and epic version of “Difficult To Cure”, featuring an orchestra, sound better than the studio ones, showing the band’s virtuosity on stage. And about the “Man in Black”, what can I say?, an incredible performance filled with passion, charisma and speed, like always!

01. Spotlight Kid
02. Miss Mistreated

03. I Surrender

04. It Can't Happen Here

05. Catch The Rainbow

06. Power

07. Street Df Greams

08. Fool For The Night

09. Difficult To Cure

10. Blues

11. Stranded

12. Death Alley Driver

13. Fire Dance

14. All Night Long

15. Since You've Been Gone

16. Smoke On The Water

(If the video below don´t work, go to this location.)

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