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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rainbow: "The Final Cut", Live 1985 (56 Min)

This video collection, running just short of an hour, brings together all the promo videos from the last four line-ups of Rainbow (between 1979 and 1984). What's missing are the Dio-era promos (now just about to be released on DVD for the first time but circulating in bootleg form for years).

Quality throughout is pretty good and the clips are arranged in an order which is entertaining, and not chronological. A fairly substantial introduction to the band but make sure you get the CD "Best of Rainbow" too for the full picture.

Set list:
1 Spotlight Kid 
2 Death Alley Driver
3 I Surrender

4 All Night Long

5 Can't Happen Here

6 Difficult To Cure

7 Can't Let You Go

8 Power

9 Since You've Been Gone

10 Stone Cold

11 Street Of Dreams

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