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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Journey: 30 Years Since the Release of "Escape"

"Escape" - sometimes stylized as "E5C4P3" - is Journey´s seventh studio album, released on July 31, 1981. The album features the four smash hits "Don¨t Stop Believin´", "Who´s Crying Now", "Still the Ride" and "Open Arms".

In 1988, Kerrang! readers voted "Escape" the greatest Arena-oriented Rock album of all time. 

It represented a new beginning of rock 'n' roll after the implosion of disco. Emphasizing strength and freedom of youth, survival of love and new hope, it became a classic of that era that still holds up. Every song is a keeper with fantastic vocals and instrumental hooks. Despite poor critical reviews, this album went on the sell over 10 million copies and is still a standard staple in rock & roll history! 

Widely considered to be Journey's finest moment, 1981's "Escape" virtually defined "arena rock," and became so popular that it even spawned its own Atari video game. Featuring the urgent anthem "Don't Stop Believin'" and the soaring ballad "Open Arms," the album showcases Neal Schon's dynamic guitar riffs, Jonathan Cain's bold keyboard lines, and, most importantly, singer Steve Perry's powerhouse vocals. Although the San Francisco-based band achieved success both before and after "Escape", which also includes the plaintive "Who's Crying Now" and the wistful "Still They Ride," it stands out as the one record to own for anyone even remotely interested in Journey.

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