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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whitesnake: Live At M3 Festival; HD Footage Available; 6 Videoes

The headliner for this year's M3 was Whitesnake.  Vocalist David Coverdale, who suffered from a major vocal issue that resulted in him walking off the stage during a show in Colorado in 2009, came out with guns a blazing.  He wanted to show everyone where his voice was as he belted out the high notes on the first song “Best Years” with power and finesse. 

With lead guitarist and song writing partner Doug Aldrich in tow, Whitesnake 2011 is comprised of Reb Beach on rhythm guitar, Brian Tischy on drums and Michael Devin on bass.  They touched upon a lot of the newer material which isn’t a bad thing.

Their latest offering "Forevermore” is a great CD. The guitar duels and drum solo in the middle of the set seemed kind of elongated. This time could have been filled with Whitesnake classics such as “Slide It In” or “Judgment Day."  I’m assuming that David is still testing the waters with his voice and that the set list will eventually change, depending on how his voice holds up on tour. 

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