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Monday, May 2, 2011

Motörhead: 25 Years Since The Release of "Orgasmatron"

"Orgasmatron" is the seventh album by Motörhead, released in 1986. It is the only full Motörhead album to feature Pete Gill on the drums, although he also played on the four new tracks recorded for the 1984 "No Remorse" compilation.

The album's working title was "Ridin' with the Driver" and later changed to "Orgasmatron", it was too late for Joe Petagno to change the cover art and the train design was used.

As well as alluding to the original name of the album, Joe Petagno also commented on the concept behind the album cover:
Lemmy was living on a houseboat then, and collecting train models. He said, "You know, Joseph, I want a fucking train." It seemed weird to me... (laughs) but, yet again it worked.
The preliminary sketch had the Orgasmatron train going in the opposite direction, but Petagno "decided to turn it so it was going out of the picture rather than coming into it."
It gave me a lot of trouble, because (of) trying to fit the head in front of the train with this cow scoop. But it worked in the end

It features some of Motörhead's heaviest songs "Orgasmatron" and "Deaf Forever" and it is the album (along with "No Remorse") that got Motörhead back on track after the critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful 1983 album "Another Perfect Day".

The title track  was re-recorded in 2000 and was available as an Internet download under the name "Orgasmatron 2000". It was later included on the band's 2003 five-disc box set "Stone Deaf Forever!". 

Motorhead - Orgasmatron Live London 2000 by labeteimmonde

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