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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Black Sabbath FAQ": New book digs deep into quirks, obscure anecdotes, and burning questions surrounding the Sabs

Unlike any Sabbath book thus far, "Black Sabbath FAQ" digs deep into quirks, obscure anecdotes, and burning questions surrounding the Sabs. In a fast-moving, topical format, this book covers a tremendous amount of information, delectable to any Sabbath fan, but hard to find in a traditional biography. This rich history lives and breathes and shouts right here.
And the voice behind it could not be stronger: Martin Popoff is a heavy metal expert who has authored over 30 books on the subject, including "Doom Let Loose", which is widely considered the definitive biography of the band. In "Black Sabbath FAQ", Popoff is like a rabid detective unearthing (and sometimes debunking) ancient lore, valiantly covering new ground, applying academic rigor, but then wildly sounding off with lurid opinion. The pendulum swings, and, though disoriented, the serious Sabbath studier is better for it come the book's doomy conclusion. Dozens of images of rare memorabilia make this book a must-have for fans.
The non-chronological format of the FAQ series allows the luxury of colorful and in-earnest explorations of topics rarely given their due in linear biographies. Though a wild ride from cover to cover, it also offers a myriad of entry points into the story for headbanging power-chord fanatics with specific topics of interest or just short attention spans. 

In this book, find answers to:

How did Black Sabbath inspire he doom metal genre?
How did they get along with their tour mates?
What’s the story behind the cover art of "
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"?
What happened between Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult?
What has each member done since Black Sabbath?

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