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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Uriah Heep: "Collectors Rarities" (Live) - 93 Minutes Of Heep!

This video features a collection of live performance footage from Uriah Heep, including the only known filmed recording of the "Firefly Tour". Also included is an interview with vocalist David Byron.

The set list includes hits such as "Easy Livin'", "Stealin'" and "Sunrise".

Masters have long since disappeared so the source footage has been restored to the best quality possible. It is as good as we are ever likely to have... but what footage it is!

This amazing film brings together all the surviving footage from the Byron era which is of releasable quality.

Included on the Collectors Rarities disc is the film which was shown at Wembley before the "High and Mighty" shows. Included are rare interviews from US and Australian television networks, previously unreleased footage from an unaired US television show shot in 1972, the best of the Japanese Budokan shows from March '73, film from one of Byron's last gigs in Europe and all of the surviving promotional film of "Rough Diamond". Enjoy!

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