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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saxon: "Live Innocence"; 1985 Full 60 Min Movie

"Live Innocence" was recorded in 1985. Later released on DVD in  2003. This DVD has combined two VHS videos released in the late 80's: "Live Innocence" released in 1986 and "Power & The Glory", The Video Anthology released in 1989.

Much of the "Live Innocence" performance is taken from the album "Innocence is No Excuse"  released the previous year and which was hailed as their best work since the classic "Denim and Leather" - here they perform the hard rocking "Play It Loud" from that album. The promo clips for "Back on the Streets" and "Rocking Again" are also included at the beginning and end of the concert footage, as well as a thrashing medley of four of their biggest album tracks "Heavy Metal Thunder", "Stand Up and Be Counted", "Taking Your Chances" and "Warrior".

"Live Innocence" track list:
  1. "Back on the Streets" (Promo clip)
  2. "Dallas 1 PM"
  3. "Devil Rides Out"
  4. "Everybody Up"
  5. "A Little Bit of What You Fancy"
  6. "Broken Heroes"
  7. "Play it Loud"
  8. "Shout it Out"
  9. "Crusader"
  10. "Medley: Heavy Metal Thunder, Stand Up and Be Counted, Taking Your Chances, Warrior"
  11. "Rockin' Again" (Promo clip)

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