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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Judas Priest: "Turbo" 25th Anniversary

April 15th marks the 25th anniversary for the release of "Turbo".

"Turbo" was recorded June – November 1985 at Compass Point Studios in Bahamas and mixed January – February 1986 in Los Angeles, California. This album was first released on April 15, 1986. A remastered CD was released in 2002, adding the two bonus tracks "All Fired Up" and "Locked In".

Following the success of their previous album, "Defenders Of The Faith", Judas Priest initially recorded a double album called "Twin Turbos", which was never released. Instead, the material was split, with the more commercial songs appearing on "Turbo". While it sold well initially, going Gold on June 10, 1986 and Platinum on July 24, 1987.

"Reckless" was asked to be on the "Top Gun" soundtrack, but Judas Priest declined, both because they thought the film would flop and because it would have meant leaving the song off "Turbo". "Reckless" was also Judas Priest's first song to be played lower than E tuning.

"Parental Guidance" was written and recorded in response to Tiiper Gore´s attack on the band. Her organization, the PMRC, placed "Eat Me Alive" (from "Defenders of the Faith") at #3 on their list of offensive songs (a.k.a. the "Filthy Fifteen"), as it allegedly was about performing oral sex at gunpoint.

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