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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Judas Priest: Live in Chile 2005; Full 100 Min Concert

K.K. Downing have announced his retirement from Judas Priest. He will not join the band on their The Epitaph Tour, kicking off this summer.

But - you can still watch the legendary guitar player live in this great 100 minute concert from Chile in 2005. Judas Priest have always been a kick-ass live act! Here you get Judas Priest in very good sound and picture! 

Track list:

Electric Eye
Metal Gods
Aiding the Wind
Judas Rising
Breaking the Law
I'm a Rocker
Diamonds and Rust
Beyond the Realms of Death
Turbo Lover
Hell Rider
Victim of Changes
Pain Killer
Hell Bent for Leather
Living After Midnight
You Got Another Thing Coming

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