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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Steven Tyler And Joe Perry "Smoking The Peace Pipe'"

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler has posted the following message on his Twitter profile:

"AeroFreaks rejoice... Joe (Perry, Aerosmith guitarist) and I sent smoke signals, shot the shit and chewed the fat for the last year, but just smoked the peace pipe for an hour today. On our way to rockin' your fkin worlds this summer by locking ourselves away somewhere w/guitars and drums..."

Perry last month made it clear that he is still very much a member of Aerosmith. The guitarist issued a series of posts at his Twitter page reassuring fans that he was still in the group and clarifying why he did not join them in Los Angeles for an eight-day writing session that concluded in early February. Perry's absence was initially reported by Billboard, which said that he was missing because of an "unspecified commitment."

Perry tweeted, "I am in Aerosmith. I am not going anywhere.The band isn't writing any more. It was only for eight days."

He later responded to a fan question — presumably about rumors that he was leaving the band — by saying, "There's nothing to make up. We are brothers we have been texting back n forth since the tour ended. It's a bunch of BS."

Perry also wrote, "Aerosmith and I will be writing in the spring. The guys only got together for eight days. I had previous plans could not get out of." He later added, "Steven and I text all of the time. He's my brother in arms, just like Brad (Whitford, guitar), Joey (Kramer, drums) and (bassist) Tom (Hamilton are). Everything else is a rumor.

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