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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sammy Hagar: “I would love to make another record with Van Halen"

Hagar is frank about his time with Van Halen, claiming that he didn’t fear that any bridges would be burned with his former band mates and didn’t rule out playing with them again in the future:

“I had almost 10 fantastic years in that band. It was a dream come true for any musician on the planet. We had the greatest relationship and the greatest run and wrote some of the greatest music. We had five Number One albums and sold 50, 60 million records together. We practically sold out every venue in the world.

“I would love to make another record with Van Halen. If Eddie was totally cool and was back to the guy I used to know, or a new guy, not the guy I knew the last time [laughs]. He can’t be that guy. I wouldn’t do it if he was like that. It’s below zero, minus zero. But if Eddie really got his life together, which it seems he has judging by the pictures I’ve seen, then definitely.”

“I’d say it’s up there around 90 percent. When my book comes out, zero for a while. But someday, before we all die, fuck yeah. We might be in our nineties though.”

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