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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kingdom Come Frontman Lenny Wolf On New Album - "I Tried To Update The Songs Without Ruining Them"

Brian Rademacher at Rock Eyez recently caught up with Kingdom Come frontman Lenny Wolf. An excerpt from the interview is available below.

Q: You have 11 tracks on the disc (eight past tracks that were re-recorded and three new tracks). With the past tracks were there others songs that you originally wanted and changed your mind?

Lenny Wolf: "No not really, I knew right away the songs I wanted to pick. I wasn’t keen to use our so called hits like 'Get It On' and 'Love Can Be'. Some songs shouldn’t be touched but songs like 'Can’t Deny' or 'Should I' can be presented in a more up-to-date sound. I tried to update the songs without ruining them, that was another thing I had to battle. I didn’t want to make them a totally different song they had there own red thread if you know what I mean and I didn’t want to take it away. The guitar sounds a little different the drums were a little more open and my vocals have matured a lot, which by itself makes a big difference."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

Kingdom Come's new album, Rendered Waters, will be released on April 5th in North America, March 25th in Germany and March 28th in Europe.

The album track 'Blue Trees' is streaming at this location.

It is not the success of the early days which Lenny Wolf associates Kingdom Come with, nor earlier hits from his long-standing career. What he really cares about is the present. Is this a contradiction in view of his new album Rendered Waters, which features eight old and three newly recorded songs? Certainly not.

All eleven tracks were cut at Lenny’s Two Square Noise Factory studio in Hamburg, Germany. In particular, the new recordings of old material show Kingdom Come’s vision of living in the here and now.

Read the full story on Brave Words.

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