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Monday, March 21, 2011

Journey: "Eclipse" Tracklist Revealed

Journey, one of the most popular American rock bands of all time, is gearing up to unleash its latest album of brand new material, "Eclipse". The effort will be released in the U.S. and Canada on May 24 exclusively at Walmart and beginning June 3 in Europe on Frontiers Records. The 12 tracks were written over the past 18 months by the core team of guitarist Neal Schon and keyboard player Jonathan Cain, with collaboration from singer Arnel Pineda.

According to is "Eclipse" a masterpiece:

"This is one bold, brave, challenging and exquisitely constructed album. Yes, it rocks. Like Journey haven't rocked since 1981...and then some. It is one of the boldest, bravest moves I have heard from a classic rock band. Maybe ever as far as a band of this age goes. But it is still as catchy and melodic as ever. There are so many twists and turns, it is almost progressive in places. This record will likely scare the shit out of fans of "Raised On Radio", it has big balls. "Eclipse" is dark and heavy, yet melodic. Adventurous, yet familiar. Moody, yet uplifting. Simply bloody amazing."

"Eclipse" track listing:

01. City Of Hope
02. Edge Of The Moment
03. Chain Of Love
04. Tantra
05. Anything Is Possible
06. Resonate
07. She's A Mystery
08. Human Feel
09. Ritual
10. To Whom It May Concern
11. Someone
12. Venus

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