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Friday, March 18, 2011

Former Megadeth Guitarist Jeff Young: Souls On 11

Souls On 11 — the new project featuring former Jeff Young and one of America's true organic voices, Schascle "Twinkle" Yochim — recently shot a video for its cover version of the Aerosmith song "Seasons Of Wither" (from the 1974 "Get Your Wings" LP). The clip was directed and edited by Evan Nesbitt ("X-Men", "Blade", "Three Kings", "Spiderman", "Godzilla", "The Perfect Storm", "The Event") during a live performance in Los Angeles and can be viewed below.

"Seasons Of Wither" appears on Young's debut solo album, "Equilibrium", which came out in 2009. The CD was mixed by Michael Wagener.

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