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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ex-White Lion Vocalist Mike Tramp On Reunion: "Vito Bratta Is The Single And Only Reason Why It Will Never Happen"

Heavy Paradise recently conducted an interview with ex-White Lion singer Mike Tramp. Read excerpts below.

heavy paradise : So, Mike, a new album is about to be released later this year. Can you tell me some things about the new effort?

MT: It is a continuation and progression of my solo career that I started in 1996 when I recorded my first album Capricorn. On this album "Stand your ground" and then one before. I have added "The Rock'n'Roll Circuz" s this is a band not just Mike Tramp. My three other band members are a huge part of the sound and production of this album, I couldn't have done this myself.

heavy paradise : How long did it take you to record the new album?

MT: It didn't take very long to record as we kept it as live as possible with just some nice overdubs when needed. But the four of us track the songs together and basically complete 90% of the recording. I have returned to the way I used to record with Freak of nature and I love working this way. It is the reason I play rock'n'roll.

heavy paradise : Mike Tramp & The Rock 'n' Roll Circuz in 2009 was an overall very good effort. What are the differences between your last release and this new one?

MT: Well after recording the first album, we became a band and played about 75 shows together. So when we went into record this one and I showed the band songs i'd written. It was easy to get working on it, everybody knew how it should sound, it should sound like the way we sound when we play together, no other way.

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Mike Tramp The Rock ´n´Roll Circuz are gearing up for the March 28th release of their secind album, "Stand Your Ground". A short video teaser can be seen below:

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