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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Def Leppard Members Perform Acoustically For Rolling Stone Magazine (Video)

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott and guitarist Phil Collen stopped by the Rolling Stone office recently to play stripped-down acoustic versions of two of their band's biggest hits, "Hysteria" and "Pour Some Sugar on Me". Video footage of the performance and an interview conducted by David Fricke can be viewed below.

Elliott recently spoke to about the three new songs that will appear on the band's new live album, "Mirrorball", due out this summer.

"When we decided to do (the live album), it just got said — I don't know by who — 'Why don't we chuck a couple of new songs on the end?'" Elliott tells "And that two became three, and in fairness it could've been four if we'd just had a little bit more time. But we wanted to tour this summer, so any fourth or fifth song we had brewing, we'll save them for the next record."

Regarding the three new tracks — "Undefeated", "All About Believin'" and "Kings Of The World" — Elliott says, "They're all very different to each other. They don't sound specifically like any previous Def Leppard songs, but they sound like Def Leppard songs. They have to have our identity on them, otherwise they might as well be Tom Waits or R.E.M. We have a signature sound that we're not scared of anymore."

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