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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

David Coverdale Interview

Steven Rosen of Ultimate Guitar recently conducted an interview with Whitesnake mainman David Coverdale. Read excerpts below.

The singer from North Yorkshire, England recently recorded Forevermore, Whitesnake’s 11th album and the second album featuring guitarists Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach. The 13 tracks range from the glorious bombast of "Love Will Set You Free" and the slinky slide rumble of the Led Zeppelin-tinged "Whipping Boy Blues" to the acoustic country vibe of "One Of These Days" and the B-3 balladry of "Fare Thee Well." Coverdale has produced yet another album that cuts across styles and proven once again that an old dog – David will be 60 years old in September – can still bite down hard.

UG: Let’s connect some of the dots from your past before we get onto the new album. If Deep Purple could have held it together, would you have remained with them? Could you see yourself as being in Purple all these years later if that’s how the dice had tumbled?

David Coverdale: Oh, god, I don’t know; I don’t play that hypothetical game. I don’t do comparisons. It’s there but for the grace of god. Thank god I went on my own journey. But I’m utterly grateful beyond words for the courage that those guys used giving me an opportunity ‘cause the adventure continues. I wanted out very quickly; I wanted out soon as I saw the downward spiral and part of me felt responsible because I brought in the catalyst of that beginning.

Tommy Bolin?

It wasn’t Tommy’s responsibility or whatever but it was the match that lit the candle to set the explosions in motion. It’s interesting that since Kevin Shirley did the remix of Come Taste the Band, there’s been a lot of people coming on my website asking questions including the guy who seems to be administering the Purple catalog; a guy called Drew Thompson. He was asking me about some documentary that we’d made during the making of Come Taste the Band, which was actually a spoof. He thought it was a legitimate documentary because he was like Sherlock Holmes trying to find footage and stuff on Purple. You know, pursuing the scraping-the-barrel effect.

Read the entire interview on Ultimate Guitar.

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