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Monday, February 14, 2011

Whitesnake "Forevermore"

The new Whitesnake album "Forevermore" will be released in the end of March. A conversation with the band can be found on the website.

Here´s what David Coverdale says we can expect from "Forevermore":

"It has most, if not all the musical elements Whitesnake has come to represent... rock, soul... blues... ballads... a twinkle in the eye & a nudge in the ribs... a punch on the nose... & humour, of course... mustn't forget having fun...

It's quite the buffet... a little taste of before, during & now... Coupled with some new, inspiring new blood... Mr Tichy & Mr Devin... a pair of snake charmers for sure... Very nice & very, very talented... They have most certainly added welcome layers...

It's interesting that, as in nature, the Snake has to shed its skin every so often to start a new chapter of its life & shine perhaps a little brighter than before..."

David Coverdale – vocals
Doug Aldrich – guitar
Reb Beach – guitars
Michael Devin – bass
Briian Tichy – drums.
Produced by Los Bros Brutalos (David Coverdale, Doug Aldrich, Michael McIntyre)

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