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Monday, February 14, 2011

Peter Criss to release a "bitchin' Rock and Roll" album soon?

Richie Scarlet, known as the "Emperor of Rock and Roll," is really the working man of rock. He recorded with Peter Criss, playing bass, on his new album in 2010. The album is yet not released. But rumours says it will be released on Sony Records this summer:

"I did that record quite awhile back. I had a blast doing it with Peter. I love Peter Criss. We've been friends for a long, long time. I really wanted to play guitar on it, but all of the guitars were already done by his guitar player, Angel, who's been with him forever. So I ended up playing bass. I did 8 or 9 tracks on the record. This record is a Rock and Roll record, and it's not like his previously released one ("One For All"), which was a ballad/crooner kinda thing. This is back to bitchin' Rock and Roll. There's some really good tracks on this record, though I haven't heard it since I cut the tracks. It's due out sometime this year on Sony records. I don't know when the (exact) release date is, as I'm actually surprised it hasn't been released yet." Read the full interview on RockMusicStar.

Richie Scarlet is maybe best known for his work with Ace Frehley (KISS). But he has also played with Leslie West (Moutain), the members of the Alice Cooper Group (sans Alice) and Sebastian Bach.

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