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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kingdom Come New Album: "Rendered Waters"

You can listen to the brand new Kingdom Come song "Blue Trees" on this location.

"Blue Trees" -- one of three newly-written songs on
Kingdom Come's upcoming 11-track album, "Rendered Waters" -- is a mid-paced, electrified rocker that balances a sturdy beat and a steady rhythm with hum-along guitar hooks and predictable, but satisfying vocals. Overall, the song comes across less like frontman Lenny Wolf's beloved Led Zeppelin and more like a cross between the Scorpions and Oasis.

"It's a more lighthearted, straight-ahead love song with open chords hammering a simple theme, giving the bass and guitar players a good reason to stand spread-legged on stage rocking the house," Wolf tells Noisecreep of the song, which we are pleased to premiere.

While Kingdom Come formed in Los Angeles in 1985 and scored his with 1988's 'Get it On' and 'What Love Can Be' and 1989's 'Do You Like It,' the band was fragmented by the whirlpool of grunge and alternative music that swept the world through the '90s. Instead of giving up to the army of American flannel, Wolf returned to his native Germany and continued to write and release albums.

Rendered Waters tracklisting:

'Can’t Deny' (newly recorded version)

'The Wind' (newly recorded version)

'Blue Trees' (brand new song)

'Should I' (newly recorded version)

'I’ve Been Trying' (newly recorded version)

'Pushing Hard' (newly recorded version)

'Seventeen' (newly recorded version)

'Is It Fair Enough' (brand new song)

'Living Out Of Touch' (newly recorded version)

'Don’t Remember' (brand new song)

'Break Down The Wall' (newly recorded version)

"Rendered Waters" is out in the end of March. More info on Bravewords and Noisecreep.

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