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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Andy Fraser: "All Right Now: Life, Death and Life Again"; Book Excerpt Available

Andy Fraser’s story is a Classic Rock exclusive excerpt from his book "All Right Now: Life, Death and Life Again", in which he recounts the ups and downs of working with Kossoff, Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke in Free, his struggle with accepting he was gay, and his fight against AIDS which kept him out of the limelight until he reinvented himself in recent years.

Read excerpts from Fraser`s book here. Have a look inside the book at Amazon.

Free guitarist Paul Kossoff committed a slow suicide as a result of not being able to deal with his acclaim, says bandmate Andy Fraser.

The bassist recalls the harrowing moment he and a Free roadie tried to kidnap Kossoff in an attempt to get him off drugs after the band had split up. Realising he wasn’t going to accept their help, the pair were left with no option but to let him continue with his lifestyle choice - and that was the point at which Fraser bade his former colleague goodbye.
"All Right Now: Life, Death and Life Again" was released in June, 2012.

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