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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Aerosmith: Track-By-Track Premiere Continues With "Lover Alot"

This driving rocker is an echo directly from Aerosmith's earliest hit-making years, and could arguably fit easily on any of their classic Seventies albums. A collision of guitars erupts behind an excited Steven Tyler, who rips through an avalanche of innuendo and explicit sexuality: "You get a thrill from the smell of her hair/You get a high from the taste of her wet/It's certified, bu-bu-bu-but chu ain't getting there yet!"

It begins with a false start and a groan from drummer Joey Kramer, then dives in without a break until it crashes to a shriek and a close. It's the kind of sound many fans have expected to come with the return of producer Jack Douglas, chief collaborator on Aerosmith's first decade of career-defining work. (Douglas also plays some percussion on "Lover Alot.")

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