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Monday, July 30, 2012

DIO: "The Singles Collection"; Box Set Coming

According to, Universal Music has set an August 31 European and September 3 Japanese release date for "The Singles Collection", a box set containing 48 songs from 14 of DIO's classic singles in replicas of the original release and a DVD featuring 12 music videos. It comes with a reprint of a U.K. tour poster and DIO family tree (subject to change) and it also includes a 32-page complete discography of the Vertigo years. 

The 14 CDs are: 

* Holy Diver
* Rainbow In The Dark
* The Last In Line
* We Rock
* Mystery (inc. UK tour poster)
* Rock N Roll Children
* Hungry For Heaven
* Dio Live
* King Of Rock N Roll
* I Could Have Been A Dreamer
* All The Fools Sailed Away
* Intermission
* The Dio EP (inc. DIO family tree)
* Jesus Mary And The Holy Ghost

1 comment:

  1. This is great news for all Dio fans, a lovely box set! Now waiting for the 'Hear N Aid' reissue I've heard so much about!