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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Saxon: "The EMI Years (1985-1988)"; 4CD Box Set With Bonus Tracks Coming; Track List Revealed

Saxon's three albums on the EMI label have now been gathered into "The EMI Years (1985-1988)"; a four disc collection of the remastered albums, now expanded with bonus material, an exclusive interview with the band and a previously unreleased live show from Hammersmith from 1985.

The EMI Years kicks off with "Innocence Is No Excuse", Saxon’s 1985 release and their first for the EMI Label, featuring metal warhorse singles like "Back On The Streets", "Rock n' Roll Gypsy" and the ballad "Broken Heroes". The original album is presented here re-mastered and bolstered with bonus b-sides and 12’’ mixes. The second disc of the set continues with a previously unreleased live show from Hammersmith in 1985, a monster set which includes the classic Saxon anthems "747 (Strangers In The Night)", "And The Bands Played On" and "Wheels Of Steel". Disc three moves onto Saxon’s second album for EMI (and their eighth in total), "Rock The Nations", a beast of metal now re-mastered and expanded with five bonus tracks including b-sides, 7’’ single edits and two tracks taken from a live show in Madrid in 1986. The fourth and final disc in The EMI Years adds the band’s 1988 album "Destiny" to the collection, a collection of re-mastered gems, now including a feast of live bonus tracks and a 12’’ mix of "I Can’t Wait Anymore". 

The EMI Years tracklisting is as follows:

CD 1 - Innocence Is No Excuse (1985):
‘Rockin' Again’
‘Call Of The Wild’
‘Back On the Streets’
‘Devil Rides Out’
‘Rock 'N' Roll Gypsy’
‘Broken Heroes’
‘Gonna Shout’
‘Everybody Up’
‘Raise Some Hell’
‘Give It Everything You've Got’

Bonus Tracks:
‘Back On the Streets’ (12" Club Mix)
‘Live Fast Die Young’ (B-side)
‘Krakatoa’ (B-side)
‘The Medley’ (Live B-side)

CD 2 - Live At Hammersmith (1985):
‘Back On the Streets’ (BBC in Concert Hammersmith 1985)
‘Dallas 1 PM’ (BBC in Concert Hammersmith 1985)
‘The Devil Rides Out’ (BBC in Concert Hammersmith 1985)
‘Power And The Glory’ (BBC in Concert Hammersmith 1985)
‘Broken Heroes’ (BBC in Concert Hammersmith 1985)
‘And The Bands Played On’ (BBC in Concert Hammersmith 1985)
‘Crusader’ (BBC in Concert Hammersmith 1985)
‘Princess Of The Night’ (BBC in Concert Hammersmith 1985)
‘Wheels Of Steel’ (BBC in Concert Hammersmith 1985)
‘Rockin' Again’ (BBC in Concert Hammersmith 1985)
‘Strong Arm Of The Law’ (BBC in Concert Hammersmith 1985)
‘747 (Strangers in the Night)’ (BBC in Concert Hammersmith 1985)

CD 3 - Rock The Nations (1986):
‘Rock The Nations’
‘Battle Cry’
‘Waiting For The Night’
‘We Came Here To Rock’
‘You Ain't No Angel’
‘Running Hot’
‘Party Til You Puke’
‘Empty Promises’
‘Northern Lady’

Bonus Tracks:
‘Chase The Fade’ (B-side)
‘Waiting For The Night’ (7'' Version)
‘Northern Lady’ (7'' Version)
‘Everybody Up’ (Live in Madrid, B Side of 'Northern Lady')
‘Dallas 1PM’ (Live in Madrid, B Side of 'Northern Lady')

CD 4 - Destiny (1988):
‘Ride Like The Wind’
‘Where The Lightning Strikes’
‘I Can't Wait Anymore’
‘Calm Before The Storm’
‘Song For Emma’
‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’
‘We Are Strong’
‘Jericho Siren’
‘Red Alert’

Bonus Tracks:
‘I Can't Wait Anymore’ (12" Mix)
‘Rock The Nations’ (Live At Hammersmith, B-side of Ride Like the Wind)
‘Broken Heroes’ (Live in Madrid, B-side of I Can't Wait Anymore)
‘Gonna Shout’ (Live in Madrid, B-side of I Can't Wait Anymore)

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