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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Aerosmith: Joe Perry Talks New Studio Album In Rolling Stone Q&A

Rolling Stone spoke one-on-one with the 61-year-old Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry about the band's first album in eight years, which is almost complete and scheduled for release this summer. An excerpt from the Q&A follows:

Q: Was it tough rebuilding the bridges to get everyone back in the same place?

A: "No, because the music does that. After a band's been together as long as we have, everybody just gets into their own rhythms. You can't force shit. People do what they're going to do outside of the band, whether it's Steven (Tyler) wanting to put his name on motorcycles or doing American Idol, or Joey (Kramer) writing a book or me putting out a solo record. But the five of us always have this band, and we're constantly amazed that it's still happening."

Q: Are there any songs left over from Honkin' on Bobo?

A: "Well, there are riffs. It's funny, because some riffs have popped up in different songs that we've tried over the years. One riff on this record has to be at least 20 years old. It's been percolating, waiting for its time. It may end up turning up in a couple of songs on this record, in a mini-opera kind of way."

Read the full Q&A at 
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At a press conference at the Grove Mall in Los Angeles on March 28th, just around the corner from the American Idol studios, Aerosmith (minus guitarist Brad Whitford who was on the road with HENDRIX EXPERIENCE) spoke to the media about their Global Warming tour will kick off on June 16th in Minneapolis and their long-awaited 15th studio album which is almost complete.

"We've been underground for four months, doing what we do best, and we've been known to set the world on fire with our type of music," said Steven Tyler. "So we decided to call this the Global Warming Tour. We haven't had a chance to play new music for a few years, so we're looking forward to kicking ass with this new album."

Tyler says the album will be out in three months and some song titles include: 'Legendary Child', 'Beautiful' and 'Out Go The Lights'.

"We're almost done with the record," Tyler updates. "We've got two more songs to finish, then we have to mix which should take us two months."

Bassist Tom Hamilton added that before the album comes out there will be two singles released. 

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