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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Van Halen: "The Whole Truth: The Howard Stern/Van Halen"; Complete 5 Hour Show Streaming Online

On Tuesday, February 7th, the release date for Van halen’s new album, "A Different Kind of Truth", a new special called "The Whole Truth: The Howard Stern/Van Halen" - which is essentially a five-hour uncensored history of Van Halen - aired on The Howard Stern Show…the good, the bad and the ugly.

They pulled a variety of appearances from the different band members over the years to really get a sense of the up and down history of the group and the back and forth bickering. It’s an amazing oral history as told through the band members themselves. Funny, interesting and of course entertaining. Every past or present band member is in there except Eddie's son/bassist Wolfgang Van Halen 

You will not hear any of the band’s new music on this. It’s entirely for Van Halen fans who like Stern and want to relive the band’s past drama, for some reason. 

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