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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Motörhead: "I Want To Write A Book About All The Insane Things That Happen On Tour", Says Phil Campbell has issued an interview with Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell. An excerpt follows:

Q: Have you ever considered doing a solo album?

A: "Yes, I have thought about it a lot. But I shelved it a couple years ago, because I’ve decided that I want to write a book about all the insane things that happen on tour. So, I’m trying to compile all of those stories and funny situations. So, at this point, I’m working on that. But, I’m a bit lazy, so it’s taken a while. But as far as a solo record, I do have a studio at home, it’s just hard finding the time. With Motörhead, we’ve been working so hard, for so long."

Q: Motörhead has pretty much been on the record, tour cycle non-stop since you joined the band, 28 years ago. Seriously, have you ever had an extended break during your time in the band?

A: "Not really. We have never taken longer than a couple of months off. We will have a little time off when this tour, the Gigantour finishes. And that will be nice. But, we have decided to cut back a little bit, and enjoy the spoils of our hard work, before we get too old."

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