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Monday, December 19, 2011

Glenn Hughes: "Live In Wolverhampton"; Live 2CD Out In January 2012

Glenn Hughes is to release a live album next month.

Called "Live In Wolverhampton", it was recorded in June 2009 over two nights in The Voice Of Rock’s home town. The first night featured some of his greatest songs, including his time with Deep Purple. The next night concentrated on his time in Trapeze.

The two CD set has the following track listing:

  1. Muscle And Blood
  2. You Got Soul
  3. Love Communion
  4. Don’t Let Me Bleed
  5. What’s Going On Here
  6. Mistreated
  7. Crave
  8. Hold Out Your Life
  1. Way Back To The Bone
  2. Touch My Life
  3. Jury
  4. Coast To Coast
  5. Seafull
  6. Good Love
  7. Your Love Is Alright
  8. Medusa
  9. You Are The Music
  10. Black Cloud
There’s also a DVD disc featuring all of the above, plus "Steppin’ Out".

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