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Thursday, November 17, 2011

U.D.O.: Udo Talks Accept, U.D.O., DVD Shoot; Sofia Pess Conference Posted Onøline

U.D.O. vocalist Udo Dirkschneider and bassist Fitty Wienhold took part in a press conference earlier today (Wednesday, November 16) at Vitosha Park Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria. Video footage of the question-and-answer session can now be seen in two parts below (courtesy of Metal Hangar 18).

When asked if he has heard "Blood Of The Nations", the 2010 comeback album from Accept with the band's new vocalist, Mark Tornillo, and what his thoughts are on the group's reunion without him,Udo said, "What can I say? It's not a bad album. They were also asking me to do the reunion. I didn't say 'No,' but I made some points, you know, if I do this, there were some points to make clear. But then Wolf[Hoffman, Accept guitarist] said 'No,' he doesn't agree. Then I said, 'OK, fuck you. And then do your own reunion. And so, what can I say?! I wish them good luck. And we will see what they do in the future. . . [It's] interesting [because] they have to play all this old classic [Accept] stuff [while] we can pick out the cherries of the old classic [Accept] stuff [to play live with U.D.O.]. I think we are, in a way, in a better position."

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