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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cozy Powell: "Dance With The Devil: The Cozy Powell Story"; Documentary In The Works; Teaser Posted Online

There’s a documentary currently being made about late drummer Cozy Powell, who died in 1998.

To be called «Dance With The Devil: The Cozy Powell Story», it’s being put together by independent film maker Lee Hutchings, who would like to hear from anyone who knew Powell and is interested in being involved. Click here to get in contact with him.


Dance With The Devil: The Cozy Powell Story

A documentary feature uncovering and celebrating the life and work of one of Britain’s most acknowledged and respected hard rock drummers of all time, Cozy Powell.

Featuring exclusive and extensive interviews with family, friends, work associates and fans, inbetween various archival footage, “Dance with the Devil - The Cozy Powell Story” will be an essential, in-depth and personal account of the man who, from humble beginnings, would go on to play an essential part in British and American rock drumming by playing in and alongside multiple bands and solo artists including Jeff BeckRainbowWhitesnakeBlack Sabbath and Brian May, as well as his own solo recordings including his signature instrumental “Dance With The Devil”, up until his tragic death in 1998.

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