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Friday, October 7, 2011

Alice Cooper: Behind The Scenes At "Welcome To My Nightmare" Ride At Universal Studios

Legendary rocker Alice Cooper has launched his very own theme park ride as part of this year's Halloween festivities in the U.S.

The rocker's very own ride, "Welcome To My Nightmare", is located at the Universal Studios theme park in Los Angeles, California. The premise behind the attraction is its "spooky" maze which forms a major part of Universal Studios' Halloween extravaganza, running from September 23 to October 31. Universal Studios' creative director, John Murdy is delighted to work alongside Cooper to provide an exciting spectacle for Halloween. He said, "As a life-long Alice Cooper fan who's been motivated and inspired by his craft, I am absolutely thrilled by this incredible opportunity. It's a nightmare come true." Cooper was equally excited to endorse the Studios' new Halloween ride as part of his forthcoming album, "Welcome 2 My Nightmare". "[The ride] is a nightmare that will haunt visitors' dreams for a long time to come… [It's a] living horror movie, so there's no place more appropriate to offer a preview of the new record," said the 63-year-old singer.

A new video clip in which Murdy and Cooper discuss the attraction can be seen below.

A description of the clip: "Enter the gruesomely twisted mind of shock rock legend, Alice Cooper, as he takes the stage in what is sure to be your final performance. Find your way through a labyrinth of razor-sharp guillotines, smell the burning flesh rotting upon electric chairs, and face off against deadly boa constrictors, demonic dolls and more!"

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