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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saxon: Video For Orchestral Version Of "Call To Arms" Released

The video for the orchestral version of the song "Call To Arms" from British heavy metal legends Saxon can be seen below. The song is the title track of the band's new album, which will be released in North America on September 27th.

The digipack version of "Call To Arms" includes a glorious bonus - a free seven-track CD, "Live At Donington 1980".

"Call To Arms" track listing:

01. Hammer Of The Gods
02. Back In '79
03. Surviving Against The Odds
04. Mists Of Avalon
05. Call To Arms
06. Chasing The Bullet
07. Afterburner
08. When Doomsday Comes (Hybrid Theory)
09. No Rest For The Wicked
10. Ballad Of The Working Man
11. Call To Arms - Orchestral Version

Digipack bonus feature:

Live At Donington 1980 (remixed and remastered from original multitrack tape)

01. Motorcycle Man
02. Still Fit To Boogie
03. Freeway Mad
04. Backs To The Wall
05. Wheels Of Steel
06. Bap Shu Ap
07. 747 (Strangers In The Night)

"This is probably the best album we've written and recorded in the last 20 years," stated Biff Byford unapologetically. "I know a lot of bands say that, but 'Call To Arms' really does feel like that to me. It's the perfect embrace of our past with a great modern edge."

There is also a guest appearance from keyboard legend Don Airey on "When Doomsday Comes".

It's been 35 years since Saxon's inception, and the group can still easily hold its own with the headbanging competition.

"It's important to keep one foot in the past and one foot very much in the present," said Byford. "At some points in your life, whether you're younger or older, you do have these wonderful periods of ‘state of graceness' where everyone likes everything you write. But you can't keep being your own tribute band, you have to try and write great new songs, and you have to try to appeal to a younger audience. SAXON has been successfully doing that for the last decade, and the result is we still have our old fan base but we also have a whole new, younger one too."

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