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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aerosmith: New Album Update From Tom Hamilton (Video)

Aerosmith album update by Tom Hamilton:

"We're at the point now where Jack Douglas, our producer, and our engineer, Warren Huart, are compiling all kinds of stuff from all summer, just taking all the bits and pieces that we recorded for the last two and a half months and assembling it, so we can then go and put more guitars on, and more vocals and whatever else we think (we may need to do). . . I know I have a couple of little things to do before I'm done, but I'm mostly finished and I'm looking forward to the whole thing being put together and the vocals going on. Next spring, baby - that's what we want. I know you've been waiting a long time; we've been waiting. We're excited. A lot of people that we know and trust who have come and heard what we're working on think we're doing something really cool. So I hope you'll think the same thing." 

Aerosmith entered guitarist Joe Perry's home studio (The Boneyard) in suburban Boston and the Pandora's Box (the band's main studio) in early July with producer Jack Douglas to begin recording its long-awaited 14th studio album. 

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