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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AC/DC Bassist Mark Evans: "Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside AC/DC" Due Out In November; Cover Unveiled

The final cover image for the North American edition of former AC/DC bassist Mark Evans's new book, "Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside AC/DC" unveiled. The first-ever book by a member of Bon Scott-era AC/DC is due in November 2011 from Bazillion Points books and is now available for pre-order at

Mark Evans recorded countless rock anthems with AC/DC on the groundbreaking releases "High Voltage", "TNT", "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", "Let There Be Rock", and the '74 "Jailbreak" EP.

At nineteen years old in 1975, Mark Evans
joined AC/DC, one of the hardest-working and loudest barroom bands in Australia. In the next few years AC/DC recorded a string of bestselling albums, and Mark found himself headlining world tours and living the life of a bona fide rock star. His memoir, "Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside of AC/DC", is the first bio written by a band insider during the early years, giving insight into the struggles and camaraderie that fueled the rise of hard rock's most successful group. His likeable stories capture the energy and essence of Malcolm Young, Angus Young, Phil Rudd, and the late Bon Scott. Rock and roll icons like George Harrison, Gene Simmons, Phil Lynott, Alice Cooper, Ronnie Wood, Ahmet Ertegun, and members of Metallica feature as well.

"The aggressive attitude that AC/DC
had towards Australian bands continued when we shifted overseas," Evans says. "The world's bigger bands became our new targets. Who the fuck did these pricks think they were? We saw a few of the so-called headline acts and straight away knew that we had nothing to fear."

ABC Sydney's "Breakfast With Adam Spencer" recently conducted an interview with Mark Evans. In this extended chat, which can be streamed using the audio player below, Mark shares memories of the band's early music videos, of original lead singer Bon Scott, and how it felt to be dropped from the band at its height.

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