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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whitesnake: New David Coverdale Interview

Whitesnake are rolling out their "Forevermore" show across the UK this month following a triumphant set at Sweden Rock.
Editor Simon Rushworth of caught up with David Coverdale.

rushonrock: After a lean period with no new material Whitesnake have released stunning back-to-back albums – why the change in approach?

David Coverdale: Mick Jagger told me years ago that the Stones made albums to promote their tours. When I was with Purple we went out on the road to promote the album. Now the wheel’s come full circle again and I’m living in Mick’s world. "Good To Be Bad" gave us two years on the road. And it looks like "Forevermore" will do the same.
rushonrock: Was it special kicking off the UK leg of the Forevermore tour at Newcastle City Hall of all places?

DC: We were so pleased to start in Newcastle. I have such a great affinity with the people up there. I’m always glad to be going back to the City Hall. We enjoyed a lot of success with Def Leppard when we did the arena tour and Download last time out. But we get so much mail from UK fans saying they prefer to see us in more intimate surroundings. I don’t mind either way! But Newcastle City Hall is very special to me and very close to my heart. It’s where Whitesnake was launched.

rushonrock: What are your memories of one of the UK’s most famous rock haunts?

DC: Well my favourite memory of the City Hall has nothing to do with me or Whitesnake. It was seeing Jimi Hendrix when I was just 15-years-old. He was part of a bill that included The Move and Amen Corner and I came out of the bathroom and Pink Floyd were on stage! What a night! All of these different bands were coming out one after the other and then there was Hendrix who was a giant to me. At the City Hall you’re close enough to see the people performing and to benefit from the experience. When I played there years later my mam would always come to the Whitesnake gigs at the City Hall. She’d come along with my aunt and they’d stand at the mixing desk – they looked like X-Men standing there with their glasses on.

Read the entire interview at this location

A fan-filmed clip featuring Bernie Mardsen from the Sweden Rock gig can be seen below:

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