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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ken Hensley & Live Fire: "Faster" New Album Out June 21st

On June 21, earMusic, in cooperation with Eagle Rock Entertainment, will release "Faster", the brand new studio album from Ken Hensley & Live Fire. The former Uriah Heep pioneer, who wrote or co-wrote Uriah Heep’s most memorable songs, is a master on the Hammond B-3, as well as an accomplished guitarist and singer/songwriter. After leaving the band in 1980, he came stateside to join Florida’s Blackfoot for two albums. 

Contemplating retirement, he chose instead of rid himself of some personal demons, restore his reputation, and keep on rocking. To that end, he hooked up with Norway’s Live Fire drummer Tom Arne Fossheim, bassist Sid Rinsby, guitarist Ken Ingwersen and vocalist Eirikur Hauksson - in 2006. "Faster", recorded over a three-week period in Riga, Latvia, is the result.

“I just wanted to make a band record,” explains Hensley. “Conceptually, I wanted it to go back in time a little bit, to where a band plays together, plays a bunch of live shows, writes new songs and makes a record the way it used to be.”

The 11-song powerhouse includes a bonus track, “Circle Of Hands,” recorded live with the NRK 

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