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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Iron Maiden: "12 Wasted Years" Documentary; 90 Min

"12 Wasted Years" is a video documentary of Iron Maiden, focusing on the history of the band from 1975-1987. It includes several rare videos and interviews from the band's career, most of which were later released on the 2005 DVD "The Early Years pt 1". 

There are some cool interviews and fun stuff on "12 Wasted Years" that currently can be found nowhere else. It contains tons of footage of the band, interviews, and some full-length live performances. As Iron Maiden continues onward in Heavy Metal domination, there are new and improved documentary releases and whatnot. Enjoy!

Track listing:

    1. Stranger in a Strange Land (promotional video 1986)
    2. Charlotte the Harlot (live 1980)
    3. Running Free (live 1980)
    4. Women in Uniform (promotional video 1980)
    5. Murders In The Rue Morgue (live 1982)
    6. Children of the Damned (live 1982)
    7. The Number of the Beast (live 1985)
    8. Total Eclipse (live 1982)
    9. Iron Maiden (live 1983)
    10. Sanctuary (live 1982)
    11. The Prisoner (live 1982)
    12. 22, Acacia Avenue (live 1983)
    13. Wasted Years (live 1986)
    14. The Trooper (live 1985)

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