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Monday, May 2, 2011

Thin Lizzy: Live at the Regal 1983 (46 Min)

The Hitchin gig is where Thin Lizzy kicked of their farewell tour late January 1983. The gig was broadcast not only live on radio but also was broadcast on TV as a BBC simulcast, and the cameras caught the band in fine form.

The gig marked John Sykes first live performance with Thin Lizzy and it could hardly have been a better introduction. Snowy White was never going to be missed but Sykes dusted down the old tracks and gave them a new sheen while his presence gave Scott Gorham a much needed shot in the arm as well as having a competent guitarist to carry the load, Gorham was having to take on a fair percentage of the guitar duties while White was a member but the twin guitar dynamics were back with Sykes now welded into the band after months of pre-production.

The gig introduced a host of new songs for the then unreleased new album "Thunder And Lighting" so featured during the show were the foreboding "Holy War", the blistering "Cold Sweat", "This Is The One" plus a song that would probably Lynott's last great epic, the excellent "Sun Goes Down". And of course there was time for a few of the old numbers with "Jailbreak", "The Boys Are Back in Town" getting the standard outing but the newer sounds being so vibrant and energetic they do tend to make the older material sounds old, but it must have been a good complaint. The old reliables were always going to favorites but this early on the tour the newer songs were going down a storm.a nd the band indeed sound fresh, even carrying a couple of hard core drug addicts. Hitchin is one of the finest nights from the Farewell tour. The band are on form and the crown are eager. A top class live recording given it comes from a BBC source tape and straight from the board.

Thin Lizzy live at the Regal Theater, Hitchin, United Kingdom (January 26th, 1983):Phil Lynott, Scott Gorham, John Sykes, Brian Downey, Darren Wharton.

1. Jailbreak
2. This Is The One
3. Cold Sweat
4. The Sun Goes Down
5. Holy War
6. The Boys Are Back In Town
7. Rosalie
8. Baby Please Don't Go

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