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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Van Halen Smashing 1983 Concert Available (2 hours)

A 2 hour concert clip from "Hide Your Sheep Tour" in 1983 is available below. The tour saw the band at the peak of their active touring. It also included their first visit to South America.

Rumors says that Van Halen has finished the mixing of their upcoming album. Eddie Trunk, tweeted that he heard gossip from a “reliable source” that the “VH album is close to done and will come out this year. Label TBD”.

This matches up perfectly with what we heard from a trusted source at the beginning of March – that the recording process is going great and the band is starting to mix the new tracks. Also, from another reliable source of ours today, we hear that this Fall is the most probably time that the album will be released and a tour will begin.

In the meantime you can enjoy the concert below. It is recorded on the US Festival in May `83.

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