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Monday, April 18, 2011

Steven Tyler Grants Dying Man´s Wish; Video

Steven Tyler fulfills a dream for a lifelong fan through a Skype video call organized by the Passages Hospice Dream Foundation.
"The colors were a bit faded, but the design of Lawrence Ori’s only tattoo was still visible. He couldn’t raise his arm proudly to show you anymore, but you could still see the Aerosmith logo there on his bicep."

Then the word came: Steven Tyler is calling – literally. In a flurry of movement and chatter, a computer was placed in front of Ori and Tyler’s face came into view via a Skype video call.
“Lawrence? This is Steven,” Tyler said. “I’m coming to you from L.A. and I’m so glad to meet you.”
Ori couldn’t respond, but his eyes went wide. His girlfriend Joanie Dziak held his hand and spoke for him. Dziak told Tyler about Ori’s passion for rock music and Aerosmith. She couldn’t even count how many times Ori had seen the band in concert.
Read the full story on this location.
Watch the video below:

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