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Friday, April 15, 2011

Rainbow Live At Rockpalatz 1977; 53 Min

Here`s a great 53 minute clip of Rainbow with Ronnie James Dio, recorded live at Rockpalatz in München in 1977.

By the time of the European dates in the summer of 1976, Rainbow's reputation as a blistering live act was already established. Blackmore subsequently decided that Bain was substandard and fired him in January 1977. Bain was later asked to play bass in Dio's solo career. The same fate befell Tony Carey shortly after.

After the release and extensive world tour in 1977–78, Blackmore decided that he wanted to take the band in a new commercial direction away from the "sword and sorcery" theme and hired former (now current) Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover as a producer and songwriter. Glover had almost completely quit playing the bass, and had devoted the latter part of his career to producing, creating hits for such bands as Judas Priest, Nazareth and Status Quo. This move was somewhat surprising, as Blackmore had instigated the sacking of Glover from Deep Purple in 1973. Dio did not agree with this change and left Rainbow.

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