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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Queensrÿche: Geoff Tate Interview (Audio)

Paul Anthony of U.K.'s Rock Radio recently conducted an interview with vocalist Geoff Tate of Seattle progressive rockers Queensrÿche.

When asked about the sound of the band's forthcoming twelfth studio album, "Dedicated To Chaos", Tate said, "It's kind of like an 'Empire'record set 25 years in the future. (Laughs) It's a very listenable record, I think. I think people will find it interesting to listen to on headphones, especially. There's a lot going on with it. And there's definitely an emphasis on the rhythm section. Eddie (Jackson, bass) and Scott (Rockenfield, drums) have written a lot of the songs on this particular record, so it really showcases what they do, which is something very special."

He added, "This record is definitely a boundary-pusher in a lot of respects, I think. It's always difficult to describe music; it's better to experience it. So I'll let people hear it and make up their own minds."

"Dedicated To Chaos" is out on June 28.

You can listen to the interview on this location.

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