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Saturday, April 2, 2011

KISS Rocks "Midnight Special" In 1975

Just two weeks after the release of their third album, “Dressed To Kill”, Kiss hit the national tv stage to promote the new record.

According to Kissology, Vol. 1, the band recorded 4 songs for the show:
“Deuce” and “She” aired on July 11, 1975, while “Black Diamond” aired September 12 – “C’mon And Love Me” was taped but never aired (regardless, Kiss shot a promo video for the song six weeks later at Detroit’s Cobo Hall.)

Paul Stanley recalled this point in Kisstory: “Looking at this footage,”said Paul. “I remember that, at that point, I had a relationship with Gibson guitars, and whenever I needed, they would send me guitars. And nobody realized that, at this point, we may have been famous but we sure weren’t rich. So they would send me guitars and I would turn around the next day and sell them. Someone said to me, ‘What does it feel like to be rich and famous?’ I said, ‘I can tell you what it feels like to be famous.’”

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