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Saturday, April 23, 2011

KISS: Dynasty Tour - Live 1979; 83 Minutes

The Dynasty Tour, also known as "The Return of Kiss", was the first tour to feature the infamous flying stunt by Gene Simmons. This was also the first tour to feature Ace's "light-guitar" and his rocket-shooting stunt. A trick was designed for Paul that involved him putting on a headset and shooting a laser out of his left eye (to mock the effect seen in "Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park" a year prior). After several run-throughs both Paul and Bill Aucoin nixed the idea, citing the danger involved.
This tour is famous for being the only tour to feature songs from all four members solo albums. Gene performed "Radioactive", Peter performed "Tossin and Turnin", Ace performed "New York Groove", and Paul performed "Move On". Gene and Peter's songs were replaced early in the tour, and replaced by more familiar songs. Peter's song "Dirty Livin" was reportedly rehearsed, but never performed.

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