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Friday, April 8, 2011

Eric Carr`s "Rockheads" Are Now Avialable; Video

The Package limited/ 400 autographed in gold by Bruce Kulick. Produecd by Matt Porter & Eric Toddorocks Carr.

You can order your copy of the new comic book, "The Rockheads", based on characters created by Eric Carr!

You can go to to order.

They're the hottest Rock band in the world!! They sell millions of albums and play to sellout crowds. They are loved by everyone. They're very talented, very cute and very lovable. Each of the members is slightly strange in his or her own special way.

Together they create a chemistry and sense of fun that is beyond compare. Along with some very special friends and assorted weirdos, they populate a world very much like our own, play music very much like our own and drive each other crazy, of course having lots of <fun doing so. But The Rockheads are just odd enough for you to say to yourself...
"This can't be real...or could it?"

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