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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ozzy Osbourne: "I'm Not Thinking About How To Be Relevant When Writing And Recording New Songs"

Luís Fernando Zeferino of the Ozzy Brasil tribute site last week conducted an interview with legendary heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne. The question-and-answer session follows below.

Ozzy Brasil: Let's imagine that Black Sabbath had not existed. So, in that other band you would have been a singer and why?

Ozzy Osbourne: Yes, I don't play any musical instruments (other than harmonica) so I would have been a singer. That's what I do.

Ozzy Brasil: For you, what means to be a good singer? Many people think first on the technique. What is your favorite singer and what influence you had to come up with a style so unique?

Ozzy Osbourne: There are some singers that have great technique and then there are those that have a certain quality or style in their voice. Some have both, like Freddie Mercury, but to me, I prefer style over technique.

Ozzy Brasil: How has the reception been to your latest album "Scream"(which is pretty good, by the way)? How do you see the difference between the current music market and the '80s and '90s where artists from hard rock and heavy metal sold more? What do you seek to maintain your relevance in the era of music downloads?

Ozzy Osbourne: Thank you. I'm very proud of "Scream" and my amazing new band. Honestly, I'm not thinking about how to be relevant when writing and recording new songs. I'm just trying to do something that I like and that I'm proud of. Yes, free downloading of music is hurting the music industry. I mostly feel sorry for any new bands out there trying to make a living. It's got to be incredibly hard.

Ozzy Brasil: You're 62 years old. How is being on the road at that age? Where did you get this vitality to always sweeping the audiences?

Ozzy Osbourne: I've been at this for more than 40 years now, but I never take my fans for granted. I consider it a privilege to perform for them and if they are going to pay their hard-earned money to come to my concerts then I'm always going to give them everything I got.

Ozzy Brasil: You are a rock icon, considered a rock legend, sold millions of records around the world and many musicians dream of getting to where you came. I ask you: there is still a dream that Ozzy Osbourne wants to accomplish?

Ozzy Osbourne: I just want to continue to make good music that people are still interested in hearing.

Ozzy Brasil: In your book you narrated beautiful passages of your life, some sad, others funny. If you could turn back in time, would change something or do something different?

Ozzy Osbourne: Sure, there are some things I regret, but I wouldn't go back and change a thing. My life has been an amazing journey.

Ozzy Brasil: We know that Black Sabbath was born from the friendship of four boys who knew each other at school, with a hard life and who sought in music a way to portray the daily life and society in which they lived, with no intention of ever attaining the success it is today. Very different from the current bands that are born thinking about success and success in composing thinking. How do you analyze those changes over the decades?

Ozzy Osbourne: I can't imagine chasing a musical formula as a way to achieve success. That has never entered our minds during my years with Sabbath or since.

Ozzy Brasil: What are your main memories of the three times he was in Brazil? And what do you expect for the next five concerts in 2011?

Ozzy Osbourne: The audiences in Brazil have always been amazing. I'm planning on giving them the best concerts possible. I can't wait for them to see my new band. They're going to love Gus G.

Ozzy Brasil: Do you have some message to all your fans in Brazil that love you?

Ozzy Osbourne: I can't wait to see you all. God bless!

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